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One day...even death will die.

20 April 1989
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Marina. Nineteen. Doesn't know what to talk about most of the time. Lazy on occasions. Weird.
Likes:Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Naruto, Claymore, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Dogs, Suikoden, Guilty Gear, Demon Diary, Saiyuki, Battle Royale, Viewfinder, Crimson Spell, FMA, Death Note, D.Gray-man, Air gear, lemon candy, KitKat, M&M, spring, mythology, books, Photoshop...
Dislikes:Love Hina, homophobes, most shoujo, bad writing, winter, fangirls, grapes...

Music:Gazette, D'espairs Ray, Girugamesh, Viored, -OZ-, Sadie, UnsraW, MaveRick, Like absolute myself, Duel Jewel, Rentrer en Soi, NoGoD, Phantasmagoria...

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